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Masaż chiński Tuina

Starożytny, chiński sposób leczenia, stosowany już 2000 lat temu.....


Masaż japoński Yumeiho

Teoria metody Yumeiho® opiera się na fakcie, że ponad 95% ludzi ma nieprawidłowo ułożoną miednicę już od urodzenia...


Wykrywanie pasożytów

Metoda Volla jest przeznaczona dla ludzi szczególnie troszczących się o swoje zdrowie lub zajmujących się leczeniem innych...



Yumeiho Massage
Japanese Yumeiho Massage

The theory of the Yumeiho method is based on the fact that from birth, over 95% of people have an incorrectly aligned pelvis. This means that, most often, one of the hip bones is set higher than the other. The limb attached to the raised hip bone is relatively shorter. Blood circulation on this side is impaired, thereby making it the weaker side. The ‚longer’ leg takes over, as the stronger and longer leg, bears more of the weight of the body.
This situation causes the fatigue of the leg. The hip slowly moves forward and toward the centre. The limbs realign to and even the leg, which was previously longer becomes shorter. The line drawn between the hip bones is not horizontal making the spine lean in the direction of the shorter leg. The body frame shifts the weight of the body in the opposite direction. The spine then bends into a single curve going into a phase of functional scoliosis. Curvature increases due to the weight of the body, followed by the bending of the spine in the opposite direction, resulting in a second curve above the first. Now we are dealing with a double curvature of spine which means the phase of structural scoliosis causing a prolapsed Inter vertebral disc due to improper loads with pressure on the vagus nerve which can cause pain and disruption of internal organs. The deterioration of the joints in the spine progresses and leads to degenerative changes. Almost all the muscles and joints do not work properly which may lead to irreversible change.

On the basis of observations carried out since 1990 by the ART centre, found that an improperly positioned pelvis of the pregnant mother influences the same irregularity in her child. Hence, it is very important to adjust the position of the pelvis of the mother to be as well as an early correction of the position of the child’s pelvis.


  • Curvature of the spine
  • Pains in the back, joints and menstrual pain
  • Slipped disc
  • Migraines
  • Muscle and bone misalignment


  • Correcting posture (skoliosis)


  • Ailments of the spine and whole musculoskeletal system(such as slipped disc, Spondylolisthesis, Sciatica and others)


Discovering Parasites

What do I gain from the Voll (Dr. Reinhard Voll) method

The Voll method is meant for people who, in particular, take special care of their health and are interested in alternative methods of healing. In times when conventional medicine is in crisis, due to its lack of effectiveness and financial constraints we are compelled to deal with health matters ourselves, and this method will allow us to save time and money and doctor sends you back and forth to perform many costly tests. Using this method, most of the data needed to evaluate and determine a course of treatment, that an experienced doctor will be able to diagnose and choose the treatment even after the first visit. Each of us is able to learn this method and use it.

With the help of the Voll method it is possible to confirm the presence of toxins in food and cosmetics, insecticides, pesticides, any work related poisoning, such as heavy metals or chemical toxins, outbreaks of disease undetectable in x-ray tests, harmful factors, stimulants, drugs, toxins, mycotoxins, and allergens.

Detects causes and specifies methods of treatment

Thanks to ‚Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll’ (EAV) can not only recognize certain symptoms of disease, but also to determine their cause and to choose the best form of treatment. Therefore, EAV allows you in a short period of time to not only carry out the exact diagnosis, but also to plan the necessary therapy

The Voll method allows detection of diseases long before the symptoms are visible. If you found out that in 10 years you might have some kind of illness, and with help from your doctor, you can avoid this, or would you be happier, going for preventive examinations and taking only harmless preparations to strengthen the body?

Diseases do not appear within a few days. Serious medical conditions develop over years or even a few dozen years. We do not get sick only when we see the symptoms of the disease. The body has already had a long time to struggle with different disabilities and deficiencies, trying to catch up with them at the expense of other organs and tissue. However, it all takes time. Official medical diagnostics determine and „detect” the disease only after you experience its symptoms. The largest „stain” gives today’s medicine on the treatment of chronic disease.

It is not hard to imagine what possibilities exist in the sphere of prevention using the Voll method, since it has the ability to detect diseases or a predisposition to them before the full clinical picture manifests itself.

Parasites, Fungal infection, Yeast infections, Viruses

One of the most interesting things is the fact that using this method and the Vegatest it is possible to detect parasites in the human body with 95% certainty. For the time being, in the world today, a better method is not known. If the test shows significant stress on the intestines, it can be a signal that the cause of this are fungi. Using the selector we are able to identify a specific fungi settled in our gut. That’s all without taking blood or performing a biopsy. Electro-Acupuncture methods use used by such people as Paul Mohr, Olga Jelisiejewa, Nadezhda Semyonova.

Atopic Dermatitis before and after treatment:


Vegatest showed parasites, fungus and bacteria.




Tuina Massage

This is an ancient Chinese treatment that has been used 2000 years ago. Now, along with the old and time-tested principles, specialists had introduced improvements based on the scientific achievements in the field of medicine.

This treatment has no side effects on the body.

Chinese medicine is based on the universal principal of the balance energies of Yin and Yang. An imbalance of this will inevitably leads to the disease.

Tuina massage is designed to regulate the flow of energy, removing these blockages.

Massage does not only help ill people, but also to healthy ones, temporarily exhausted by work, tired. It takes about half an hour and provides reinforcement of the body, relaxes stress and brings about a feeling of relaxation, lightness and renewal of vitality.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, diseases of the spine, even minor ones, have a bearing on the state of the whole body and the proper functioning of all internal organs

Almost all therapies are focused largely on the spine. For example, the appropriate massage of the neck (cervical vertebra) has a bearing on the state of the eyes or sinuses nasal passages, massage the middle spine (thoracic vertebra ) works on the function of the heart, etc.

The Tuina method can quickly correct the anomalies of the spine and thus, free the internal organs from harmful effects of the patient’s spine. Energy delivered during the procedure, provides rehabilitation and strengthening of the entire body

Back massage is not only associated with ailments related to directly back pain, but helps in conditions such as:

  • Nervous system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Urinary and reproductive system
  • Locomotor system, that is, muscles, tendons, joints and bones.


Reflexology massage
Reflexology massage – newly discovered ancient knowledge

Reflexology massage is a very old method of treatment. These ancient teachings come from various parts of the world dedicated to the treatment of diseases through applying pressure to specific parts of the human body. Egyptian tomb paintings, which show the use of the massage to the hands or feet come from the times of the 6th Dynasty, around 2300 BC, therefore, it can be assumed that treatment by pressure exerted on different parts of the body has been practiced for a long time, in many different cultures. The methods which were used in ancient times for the treatment of diseases, were external substances such as medicinal plants, minerals or animal products. To other forms of treatments they are what we would call today, methods of physical therapy. To affect various ailments stroking, massaging and simply laying on of hands are used. I guess everyone knows a simple example of a treatment by pressure: when we experience a trauma, for example, as a result of a fall or impact with a blunt object, the instinctive reflex action is to stroke and massage the painful area. Over time, man gained more and more knowledge of the zones of the body and their importance. This led to individual „maps” of zones being made, thanks to which it was possible to infer the influence on other parts of the body and organs. When touching or massaging the reflex zone, it stimulates a part of the body or organ that connects this area. By observing the location and layout of such reflexology zones, it can be noticed, that the human body is reflected in specific parts of the ear, hands and feet. Looking at a vertical foots inner side you can with some degree of imagination recognize the profile of seated man. The big toe shows head, inward curved edge soles corresponds to the s-shaped curvature of the spine. Both big toes correspond to the hemispheres of the brain. The shoulders are located on both sides of the metatarsophalangeal joints. Inner Vault between both feet represents chest and organs in the chest. Below are the soft parts of the foot at its centre, which refers to a zone of internal organs.

Most of the zones, which are located on the sole of the foot, there are also on the upper part of the foot. The three-dimensionality of the body, the spatial layout of the internal organs, muscles, bones and tissue are reflected in the three-dimensional structure of the foot. The zone are not limited only to the surface of the body, but penetrates through the body. Right foot represents the right, and the left the left side of the body. Even-numbered zone organs, lungs and kidneys, are located on both feet, organs located in the left half of the body on the left foot, and the right half of the body on the right foot. Spinal area and the odd organs as the oesophagus and small intestine are located on the inner edge of both feet. Reflexology zones can overlap. And so the heart zone lays behind the lung zone, the zone of the joints (shoulder, elbow and knee) are on the outer edge of foot. The shoulder muscle zone, chest and abdomen are arranged from top to bottom.

Possibilities of Reflexology massage
Reflexology massage on the feet creates the possibility of effective health care. Regular reflexology massage harmonises the flow of energy in your body. Executed systematically it prevents all kinds of ailments.

Application of Reflexology massage

Reflexology massage can be applied to all functional disorders. The term functional disorders understand the disease, for which there no organic changes in the structures or organs of the human body. One of the pioneers in the realm of natural treatment was, Prof. Dr. Horst Ferdinand Herget (1921-2001), he summed up the spectrum of therapeutic reflexology therapy as follows: „Reflexology cure what is impaired, and not what is destroyed „. At the outset, it should be noted that in the case of the diseases listed below, reflexology massage on the feet must not be used as the only form of treatment. Reflexology is a good, supportive therapeutic method


  • Sleep disorders, nervousness and stress, anxiety
    With sleep disorders, massage of the appropriate reflexology area helps you get calm and sleep deeply. In addition, it reduces nervous tension for e.g. before exams or in difficult situations, Burnout and stress reduction is up to 80%. Reflexology massage on the feet in combination with other treatments may also positively affect favourably even anxiety and mild depression, mood disorders. Reflexology can also be used in all psychosomatic diseases.
  • Headaches and Neuralgia
    In the case of Headaches and Migraines traditional methods involves the use of strong drugs. These drugs sometimes have significant side effect. The purpose of reflexology is extending the periods between attacks headaches, alleviating acute pain and reduce the amount of medications. I guess everyone knows the burning and prolonged neuralgic pain, traditional medicine is limited to recommendations of various drugs. Expertly done reflexology massage on the feet can ease the subjective discomfort and also may extend the periods without pain.
  • Disorders of the digestive system
    Digestive system Disorders, ranging from chronic pain after constipation and diarrheal illness belong to diseases, which are often met by your doctor in their practice. Here the premise works, that : when you have completed all necessary diagnostic tests and there were no organic cause to the ailments, you can go ahead and apply the reflexology.
  • Hormonal disorders, diseases related to menstruation and pregnancy
    There tend to be the days before menstruation or discomfort during menopause, when the various unpleasant symptoms adversely affect the quality of life. The symptoms caused by fluctuations in hormone levels well influence with reflexology massage to the feet. Also nausea that often occurs in the first three months of pregnancy can be alleviated in a simple and effective way by using reflexology.
  • Respiratory disease
    In respiratory ailments caused by asthma or hay fever, you can also successfully apply reflexology massage to the feet. Here, the principle also applies to before implementation of reflexology perform the necessary research and determine the cause of the ailments, and to continue use of medicines prescribed by a doctor while undergoing reflexology massage.
  • Rheumatism
    Is a variety of diseases belonging to the circle of rheumatic diseases. Their main common symptom is pain. It can be alleviated by using reflexology massage on the feet, which can, in consultation with the doctor, reduce the dose taken of medications.
  • Joint pain
    Joint pain often occurs as a result of their overload or as a symptom of a so-called degenerative changes. Reflexology massage it cannot cause regeneration of bone or cartilage, however, it can have a positive affect the associated symptoms, such as muscle pain.
  • Skin diseases
    Skin diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis, psoriasis or acne because they are visible and can be accompanied by other symptoms like a persistent itching can be a heavy psychological load. In conjunction with the primary treatment of the disorders, reflexology massage on the feet can be a good complement to therapy.
  • Allergies
    According to the views of natural medicine allergies are caused by the imbalance of the body’s energy. In addition to the use of traditional medicines and immunization, in order to regulate it is recommended that you also use homeopathic remedies. Together with these forms of therapy it is possible to also successfully apply reflexology massage on the feet.
  • Ailments of the genitourinary system
    Due to specific conditions cystitis occurs relatively frequently in women. In this illness the symptoms that appear are pain and other distressing symptoms. Inflammation of the bladder usually requires treatment with an antibiotic, but the use of herbs and the application of reflexology gives very good results in returning to health.



Impact on health

Massage is considered to be one of the alternative methods of treatment, it has a considerable impact on the condition of the body, and general well-being of the patient. Not all of us are aware of the fact that the mechanism when performing massage is very complicated. A skilled masseur can select specific movements of their hands to interact with the specific organs in the human body.

Thanks to massage blood circulation in the blood vessels is significantly accelerated, so that the lungs is deliver a greater amount of blood. In the lungs there is gas exchange and oxygenation of the blood, and so thanks to massage this improves the functioning of our respiratory system. Chest compressions, stroking, grinding or kneading of the body increases the amount of blood enriched with oxygen, which is essential for the proper development of the tissues. The increased blood flow in the peripheral parts of the human body has a beneficial effect on the heart and kidneys. Rubbing of the skin during the massage is beneficial for proper metabolism. This is because the massage dilates blood vessels, so that blood flow increases through the muscles. At the same time, increasing the speed of delivery of nutrients to the tissues, as well as the excretion of waste products. Body massage stimulates the activity of the nervous system, and thus also affects our reflexes and function of the cerebral cortex.

Simplifying a bit of these scientific statements, massage affecting the nervous system of man and is able to positively affect all the organs and systems of our body. During the kneading of the body by the masseur positive stimuli are transmitted to the brain via nerve fibres. This results in faster and more efficient execution of all activities by our organs. Notice, moreover, that the good health of the body is of the utmost importance for the overall well-being of man. If we have a healthy body, we feel good, we are joyful and full of enthusiasm in dealing with our environment.

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